Functionality and durability are paramount for the world's dedicated Military forces. We've done the legwork to ruggedize our products for endurance and robust durability, while continuing to set standards for lightweight and design.

Industry Applications

Radar Systems

Actron provides lightweight, high strength aluminum slides for radar systems and other RF units commonly found on fighter jets. These slides are tested to withstand rigid military specification requirements for load capacity, endurance, vibration, and corrosion.

Data and Server Applications

The navy and other armed forces rely on Actron to help house and protect vital information. Our high strength aluminum slide rails are EIA compatible and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1U to 3U. We also offer many slide accessories and features, such as shock blocks, locking devices, load isolator pins, and brackets.

Ruggedized Hardware

In addition to slides, Actron manufactures durable hardware to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our products are test proven and meet multiple military specifications. We continue to work closely with many large defense contractors. Our products are deployed on helicopters, ground vehicles, naval ships, and military jets.

Featured Products for Military

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