Actron specializes in providing quality, precision hardware for a range of applications in the medical industry. Our latches and slides are crafted for simple and intuitive operation, with a variety of optional features and finishes available. Our smooth, durable and functional designs make for simple cleaning and sterilization, and make sure hospital staff can focus on what's truly important.

Industry Applications

Antibacterial Latches

Using special copper-infused materials, we are leading the innovation in latches that are optimal in sterile environments.

Radiography, X-Ray, Imaging and MRI Equipment

Medical workstations rely on Actron hardware to perform smoothly - we have developed an impressive array of custom and standard components for the industry's most advanced needs.

Cabinets and Carts

Fast and seamless access to the storage and equipment hospitals rely on - it's all part of the Actron commitment.

Featured Products for Medical

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