From completing designs quickly and efficiently, to supplying requested hardware, let our staff make it easy for you to get it done. We’re happy to answer any questions too.


From questions,  to design, to delivery, our staff endeavors to efficiently get it done.  Please reach out to us, we look forward to speaking to you.


1841 Railroad St.

Corona, CA 92878

Tel: 951.371.0885

Fax: 951.371.1288

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Customer Service Supervisor

Office: 951.371.0885 ext 359

Fax: 951.371.1288


Purchasing Supervisor

Office: 951.371.0885 ext 348

Fax: 951.371.1225

HR Manager

Laura Castera

Office: 951.371.0885  ext 346

QA Manager

Ben Swanson

Office: 951.371.0885  ext 352

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