Actron products take to the skies alongside the most advanced and innovative aerospace designs. From strong and durable application for commercial airlines, to the gorgeous finishes and custom design required for the most luxurious private jets, our components proudly live up to the sky-high standards of the aerospace industry.

Industry Applications

Aircraft Seating Hardware

We offer high-performance coat hooks, button releases, latches, and headphone rests for a variety of seating applications. Whether our customers are designing super first class suites or light-weight economy seats, Actron has the ability to provide a solution that exceeds in value, aesthetics, and design.

Galley and Comfort Module Hardware

We have an extensive range of high quality, robust hardware to fit every galley and lavatory application. We manufacture high strength to weight ratio retainers that guarantee your cart is locked and secure. In addition, we offer a huge variety of legacy style latches and door bolting systems manufactured from corrosion resistant steel. We have also expanded our line to include contemporary aluminum latching solutions. We have invested heavily in advanced milling machines that allow us to be competitive even against overseas, cheap labor competitors.

Business Aviation

Actron has been the drawer slide leader for almost fifty years. As such, we understand the industry's demand for high quality product at a competitive price. We are continually expanding our product line to include elegant finishes and soft close features for latches, door bolting systems, and wire strikes. We have an extensive support team that works closely with our customers to design the perfect solution.

Featured Products for Aerospace

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